Tasks to develop an online-marketplace

In order to successfully develop an online-marketplace for certified nature conservation projects, it is necessary to deal with a wide range of tasks. The AgoraNatura research and implementation project is dedicated to accomplish these tasks. During the project phase (2015-2021) the online-marketplace is being developed, launched and improved.

1. Analysis of the demand from private individuals and companies for an online-marketplace:
Up to now there is insufficient scientific knowledge, if and to which extent private individuals and companies would use an online-marketplace to pay for biodiversity and ecosystem services in a targeted way. Thus, research is needed to identify and analyse interests, motives, requirements and incentive structures of the potential target groups in order to develop a demand-oriented online-marketplace.

2. Development of projects and their effects on biological diversity and ecosystem services:
The development of an online-marketplace also raises numerous questions on the supply side; especially how project effects on biodiversity and ecosystem services can be quantified and efficiently verified. Furthermore, it is necessary to analyse how project developers can be involved and to better understand their requirements for participation in an online-marketplace.

3. Establishment of a long-term, self-sustaining online-marketplace:
The initiation and promotion of an online-marketplace leads to legal, financial as well as marketing-relevant questions. For instance, it is highly important to develop a suitable operating concept and marketplace structure, as well as suitable contract documents. Moreover, the online-marketplace needs to be promoted in an appealing and easy-to-understand way among actors from environmental organisations, civil society, business and politics.

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