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Workshop 1.3

Innovation Platforms as Drivers of Institutional Change


Janice Jiggins, Knowledge, Technology & Innovation group (CPT section), Wageningen University, The Netherlands
Ray Ison, The Open University, UK/Monash University, Australia
Niels Röling, COS-SIS Programme, Wageningen University, The Netherlands; University of Ghana, Ghana; University of Abomey-Calavy, Benin; Institute of Economic Research, Mali.

If you have any questions regarding this workshop, please turn directly to the convenors by sending an email.


Participants at the 1994 (Montpellier) FSRE conference recommended that more attention be paid to the institutional aspects of purposeful systemic change. This workshop focuses on the role of Innovation Platforms in removing or by-passing the institutions that constrain multi-level innovation, and creating or strengthening institutions that support farming system transformations.


Contributors to this workshop will present recent research on the contribution of Innovation Platforms to multi-level institutional   innovation in support of transformations in European, Australian and West African farming systems. Both the internal dynamics of IPs, and the inter-action between members of IPs and processes of change in the societies in which they are embedded, have been little studied. The contributions may encompass, for instance, the role of champions, networking, power strategies, and shared learning based on experiments in the field, landscape, sector or institutional space. The role of (which kinds) of researching practice are supportive of institutional innovation, and the processes by which innovations become institutionalised, are also included.


The workshop is organised on the principle that ‘knowledge is itself a product of communication’. Papers are required but the workshop itself gives priority to brief oral presentations and discussion.

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