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Field Trip 3

Agroforestry systems

The land use system which combines the production of trees and crops has several benefits which range from carbon sequestration, higher resource efficiency to less environmental impacts. The system is widely applicable, from afforestation, bio-energy production to silvopasture.

However, agroforestry needs to be adapted thoroughly to a region’s characteristics. The field trip’s participants explore different opportunities and constraints for marginal and degraded lands.
The destination of the field tour is the region of Cottbus, about 120 km southeast of Berlin. The area called Lower Lusatia (Niederlausitz) is shaped by the lignite industry and extensive open-pit mining which is now under recultivation.

The UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Spreewald protects a unique landscape of natural and artificial watercourses of the river Spree with typical marsh areas, small fields and lowland forests.

Alley cropping in the Spreewald

At the experimental site of the climate change adaptation project INKA BB researchers and local practitioners investigate prospective or alternative uses of alley cropping for farmers in Brandenburg. These alley cropping systems consist of fast growing trees on farm land and historical agroforestry systems (silvopasture) in the Spreewald region. Their aim is to combine potential ecological advantages with required economic efficiency and to develop practice-relevant management recommendations.



Reforestation of the former mining area Welzow South

The second stop is a demonstration site with alley cropping, short rotation plantation, agriculture and reforestation of post-mining areas. The approach of landscape restoration is highlighted by new wine yards and artificial water catchment. Here, research focuses on the initial development of ecosystems.


Farming systems in Lower Lusatia

A visit at the nearby large-scale agricultural cooperative AG Forst e.G gives specific insights into production and management of agroforestry systems. The farm is engaged in dairy farming, cash crops and agroforestry.



The IFSA 2014 is hosted by


Action and Research for Climate Change Adaptation in Land Use
Tuesday, 1 April 2014, 16:00 h
Senatssaal Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Download programme (pdf, 551 KB)

Book of Abstracts now available

The IFSA team is pleased to present the book of abstracts for the IFSA 2014. It comprises the abstracts of all presentations that will be given in Berlin. Even more important it contains all necessary information about the conference itself (maps, workshop locations, complete programme etc.).
You will be handed a printed copy upon signing in.

Download pdf (8,4 MB)

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