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Field Trip 5

Urban agriculture in Berlin: From traditional peri-urban farming to self-harvesting and community-gardens

Urban farmers will explain their view on urban agriculture and which role urban agriculture should play in the city of the future.
Throughout the excursion different urban and peri-urban farming system within or at the border of Berlin - the shifting zone from rural to urban landscape - will be visited.

Bauer Mette

Mette’s farm is located right on the border of Berlin within the small town Berlin-Buckow. He is one of last traditional peri-urban farmers of Berlin with the traditional wide range of production: From crop farming to stock breeding. Beside visiting his grain plantations, cattle, sheep, horses and pigs Berlin residents can also harvest flowers and strawberries on their own or come to his famous farm festival called „Buckower Strohballenfest“.


“Bauerngärten” is a young small company dedicated to urban farming. The company pursues an innovative direct commercialization policy in urban and peri-urban organic farming. Its main product, to which the company owes its name, is the farming garden (Bauerngarten in German), which consists in a community garden divided in individual plots for rent (with over fifty different sorts of vegetables) where the tenant can grow their own vegetables using tillage, seeds, tools, equipment, and irrigation provided by the company.





“Commons-Office” (Allmende-Kontor) is a network for urban agriculture and community gardens in Berlin, supporting participatory city development at all levels and aiming towards the vision of a reclamation of the city for public use. The “Allmende-Kontor community garden” has been initiated and started on April 16th, 2011 as a pioneer use on the former airport Tempelhof. With 5,000qm and nearly 1,000 community gardeners it became one of the biggest community gardens in Europe.


The IFSA 2014 is hosted by


Action and Research for Climate Change Adaptation in Land Use
Tuesday, 1 April 2014, 16:00 h
Senatssaal Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Download programme (pdf, 551 KB)

Book of Abstracts now available

The IFSA team is pleased to present the book of abstracts for the IFSA 2014. It comprises the abstracts of all presentations that will be given in Berlin. Even more important it contains all necessary information about the conference itself (maps, workshop locations, complete programme etc.).
You will be handed a printed copy upon signing in.

Download pdf (8,4 MB)

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