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The online knowledge collection lives on conjoint creation by the editorial team and its users. Inputs originating from INNSULA research stand next to contributions of the active community. Everyone is welcome to share their knowledge on initiatives and projects within the project fact sheet collection, the expert lists, administration related information and contacts, as well as links and contacts to international experts and projects. Also research projects, institutions, scientists and papers build a part of the knowledge and database. The editorial team is in charge for quality control and consistency.

Common objective is to make the online collection an up to date, vivid and relevant tool for shared knowledge between initiatives, active gardeners, administration and research. As structure and contents of the online collection are narrowly linked to the thematic knowledge platform openLandscapes, maintenance is ensured by ZALF also beyond the lifetime of INNSULA.

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Cornerstone of INNSULA is the cooperation with the different actors of urban agriculture: practitioners, activists, administration, and research. Thus, knowledge is crucial for effective collaboration: what are the activities of urban agriculture in different towns, who are the initiatives and active gardeners, who the persons who trigger innovation, who are contact persons and decision makers within the local administration? Also constructive exchange between researchers in this field is aimed at. Therefore, and beyond providing only the database for INNSULA research, a comprehensive online knowledge collection on urban agriculture is developed. It is accessible to the interested public and is a common activity of an editorial team of stakeholders of urban agriculture in Germany, providing the opportunity for internal networking, cooperation and exchange.