In this category you will find all information with regard to (1) scientific conferences and for the wider public, (2) Tran-SEC related news and involved institutes, (3) cooperations and internal and external vacancies as well as (4) other information in terms of food security and related fields.

We published a WebGIS

Tanzania Food and Land Productivity Information System 2017 provided by Trans-SEC  » more

2018-03-09 new movies added

We added three new movies about the pyroliser group, the maiz shelling machine and the improved cooking...  » more

Trans-SEC - Special Issus

This special issue is composed of 13 papers and representsPart 1 of the papers from the Trans-Sec project....  » more

BMBF Interview with Trans-SEC

Hadijah Mbwana forscht an der Sokoine University of Agriculture in Tansania. Im Interview mit  » more

GlobE Conference 2017

Presentation of Trans-SEC results at GlobE conference 2017  » more

CPM Training in...

December 2016: CPM Training in Advanced Moderation Skills: Conflict Awareness for Group Facilitation  » more

Demand for horticultural...

Publication of Ephraim Nkonya in 'Horticulture in Tanzania': Demand for horticultural crops in Tanzania...  » more

Trans-SEC Letter III

The conflict management system (CPM) is an integral part of the GlobE Trans-SEC project. Therefore, on...  » more

Topics for master theses

We offer two topics for master theses in collaboration with Hortinlea project. For more information read...  » more

Trans-SEC story

Stories from the field: Can video footage of smallholder farmers in East Africa have an impact at the...  » more

Tropentag 2016 Vienna

The Tropentag is a development-oriented and interdisciplinary conference. It addresses issues of resource...  » more

Bioeconomy book: Trans-SEC

Trans-SEC is mentioned as a good example of the book bioeconomy "Global Gardening"  » more

Scale-N new project started

Several instituions of the Trans-SEC consortium won a new project. It is stongly linked to Trans-SEC...  » more

Exchange-Program 2015

The exchange-program between Tanzania and Germany started. This year 9 Phds will stay for 2 months each...  » more

First Summer School 2015

Trans-SEC Summer School at ZALF: Where? At the Leibniz Centre for Agricultural Landscape Research (ZALF),...  » more

IFPRI hosted a policy seminar

IFPRI hosted a policy seminar titled “Achieving Food Security in Africa South of the Sahara Through...  » more

Tropentag Conference 2015

The annual Conference on Tropical and Subtropical Agricultural and Natural Resource Management (TROPENTAG)...  » more

PIK: Hotspots of CC

Hotspots of climate change impacts in Africa: making sense of uncertainties 05/06/2014 - Overlapping...  » more

Tropentag 2014

The annual Conference on Tropical and Subtropical Agricultural and Natural Resource Management (TROPENTAG)...  » more

EU Commission is partner

Trans-SEC - ZALF is for the country Tanzania official partner of the IPTS EU-Commission Project "Technical...  » more