In this category you will find all information with regard to (1) scientific conferences and for the wider public, (2) Tran-SEC related news and involved institutes, (3) cooperations and internal and external vacancies as well as (4) other information in terms of food security and related fields.

GlobE Conference 2017

Presentation of Trans-SEC results at GlobE conference 2017  » more

CPM Training in...

December 2016: CPM Training in Advanced Moderation Skills: Conflict Awareness for Group Facilitation  » more

Demand for horticultural...

Publication of Ephraim Nkonya in 'Horticulture in Tanzania': Demand for horticultural crops in Tanzania...  » more

Trans-SEC Letter III

The conflict management system (CPM) is an integral part of the GlobE Trans-SEC project. Therefore, on...  » more

MSc topic announcement

MSc topic announcement: Outscaling successful food securing innovations in Tanzania: Methods, indicators,...  » more

Topics for master theses

We offer two topics for master theses in collaboration with Hortinlea project. For more information read...  » more

Trans-SEC story

Stories from the field: Can video footage of smallholder farmers in East Africa have an impact at the...  » more

Tropentag 2016 Vienna

The Tropentag is a development-oriented and interdisciplinary conference. It addresses issues of resource...  » more

Bioeconomy book: Trans-SEC

Trans-SEC is mentioned as a good example of the book bioeconomy "Global Gardening"  » more

Scale-N new project started

Several instituions of the Trans-SEC consortium won a new project. It is stongly linked to Trans-SEC...  » more

Exchange-Program 2015

The exchange-program between Tanzania and Germany started. This year 9 Phds will stay for 2 months each...  » more

First Summer School 2015

Trans-SEC Summer School at ZALF: Where? At the Leibniz Centre for Agricultural Landscape Research (ZALF),...  » more

IFPRI hosted a policy seminar

IFPRI hosted a policy seminar titled “Achieving Food Security in Africa South of the Sahara Through...  » more

Tropentag Conference 2015

The annual Conference on Tropical and Subtropical Agricultural and Natural Resource Management (TROPENTAG)...  » more

PIK: Hotspots of CC

Hotspots of climate change impacts in Africa: making sense of uncertainties 05/06/2014 - Overlapping...  » more

Tropentag 2014

The annual Conference on Tropical and Subtropical Agricultural and Natural Resource Management (TROPENTAG)...  » more

EU Commission is partner

Trans-SEC - ZALF is for the country Tanzania official partner of the IPTS EU-Commission Project "Technical...  » more

1st Annual Meeting Trans-SEC

From 8.-11. of September the Kick-off Conference of Trans-SEC takes place in Morogoro to discuss the...  » more

Research Cooperation on FS

With the funding instrument "Research Cooperation for Foodsecurity" BMEL (the Federal Ministry for Food...  » more

Arican Days Berlin

16-18 March 2014. Berlin, Germany. German-African Cooperation in Education and Research Africa Days of...  » more