Trans-SEC provides press releases for the wider public such as policy briefs and important results. They are disseminated through news agencies and other professional associations as listed below.

GlobE Conference 2017

Presentation of Trans-SEC results at GlobE conference 2017  » more

Trans-SEC Interview in Journal

Dr. Stefan Sieber koordiniert das GlobE-Forschungsnetzwerk Trans-SEC. Gemeinsam mit rund 120 Wissenschaftlern...  » more

Tropentag conference 2015 in Berlin - Movie

The theme of 2015 is “Management of land use systems for enhanced food security – conflicts, controversies...  » more

Story from the field (blog)

TRAVELER'S LOG Stories from the field: Can video footage of smallholder farmers in East Africa have...  » more

Bioeconomy Book Trans-SEC

This book ciritically discusses the bioeconomy. The author is Chrstiane Grefe. Trans-SEC is described...  » more

Tropentag 2015 on (German, 14 Oktober 2015)

Tropentag an der HU Berlin Der ungerechte Hunger Also published by: Potsdamer Neueste Nachrichten  » more

Tropentag 2015 on (German, 10 Oktober 2015)

Ernährungssicherung im Fokus des Tropentages in Berlin  » more

Tropentag 2015 on (German, 12 Oktober 2015)

Tropentag diskutiert Welternährung. Die Top-Themen des Tages...  » more

Tropentag Trans-SEC Discussion

I had been waiting for some conflict and controversy...for nearly three days. It was decidedly inconspicuous...  » more

Tropentag announcement 2015

Trans-SEC will present at the conference Tropentag: Vom 16. bis 18. September treffen sich mehr als 700...  » more

Press release on Trans-SEC & Tropentag 2015

Über 1.000 Teilnehmer aus nahezu 70 Ländern trafen sich vom 16. bis 18. September 2015 an der Humboldt-Universität...  » more

Radio Eins RBB Interview

Strategien gegen den Hunger mit Stefan Sieber Beim Tropentag 2015 diskutieren Wissenschaftler aus aller...  » more

Press release Tropentag

Berlin. Was du isst, hat oft mit den Tropen zu tun. Tropen nennt man bestimmte Gebiete. Sie sind zwar...  » more

Press release Tropentag 2015

Vom 16. bis 18. September treffen sich mehr als 700 Teilnehmer aus ca. 70 Ländern zum diesjährigen...  » more

Tropentag press release

Trans-SEC is present at the Tropentag 2015 in Belrin and organizes several sessions.  » more

Policy seminar at IFPRI Washington

This seminar will present findings of food and nutrition security research projects in Africa south of...  » more

Farm test plots at village level

Farm test plots at village level  » more

Policy research interaction with community in Trans-SEC

Policy research interaction with community in Trans-SEC  » more

Impressions of field visit of Mr. Mtambo

Impressions of field visit of Mr. Mtambo, Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Coperatatives – head of...  » more

Movie: Trans-SEC Research Approach

This is the second documentary about Trans-SEC project and its research approach. Your browser...  » more