• World Café Trans-SEC, Tanania 2013

  • Tree planting Gliricidia, Tanzania 2015

  • FGD, Tanzania 2015

  • Plots in Dodoma, Tanzania 2014

  • Trans-Sec Konferenz, Deutschland 2017

  • Tractor ploughing, Tanzania 2018

  • Technical assistance, Tanzania 2015


Trans-SEC provides press releases for the wider public such as policy briefs and important results. They are disseminated through news agencies and other professional associations as listed below.

Movie: ZALF research in Afrika

Final Conference ReACCT, BETTER-iS, SubSAHARA
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Movie: Trans-SEC Major Objectives

The first documentary on Trans-SEC "Innovating Strategies to safeguard Food Security using Technology...
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12.09.2014 Tanzanian TV Programme - Interview

Two interviews on the current state of Trans-SEC of the national TV programme Tassam in September 2014....
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16.-18.03.2014 Africa Days 2014 in Berlin

The report on the BMBF conference "Africa Days 2014" with Horst Köhler as key note has been released....
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16.-18.03.2014 Afrika Tage des BMBF (Press release)

Das BMBF führte vom 16. – 18 März die Afrika-Tage in Berlin im BCC durch. Mit den Afrika-Tagen stellte...
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16.-18.03.2014 Africa-Days of BMBF

Approximately 700 experts from Germany and Africa discussed the further development of cooperation in...
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22.10.2013 Press Africa-Day

The event on 21st of October aimed at presenting the ZALF expertise in the field of research in Sub-Saharan...
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05.09.2013 Press Daily News

The Daily News wrote an article on the Trans-SEC project.
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12.09.2013 TV - news on Trans-SEC: Part 2

The TBC1 launched in the news a short clip on the kick-off conference of Trans-SEC: Part 2.
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12.09.2013 TV - news on Trans-SEC: Part 1

The TBC1 launched in the news a short clip on the kick-off conference of Trans-SEC.
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05.09.2013 Press AllAfrica

English article on the kick-off meeting of Trans-SEC in the journal AllAfrica.
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04.09.2013 Press Tanzania

The news in the Tanzanian Press about the Trans-SEC kick-off meeting in Morogoro.
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22.07.2013 Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften

The project Trans-SEC was presented at the Lange Nachte der Wissenschaften. The objective of the project...
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07.06.2013 Initiative des BMBF

07.06.2013Initiative des BMBF: Brandenburgische Wissenschaftler leisten Beitrag zur Ernährungssicherung...
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