Trans-SEC provides press releases for the wider public such as policy briefs and important results. They are disseminated through news agencies and other professional associations as listed below.

12.09.2014 Tanzanian TV Programme - Interview

Two interviews on the current state of Trans-SEC of the national TV programme Tassam in September 2014....  » more

16.-18.03.2014 Afrika Tage des BMBF (Press release)

Das BMBF führte vom 16. – 18 März die Afrika-Tage in Berlin im BCC durch. Mit den Afrika-Tagen stellte...  » more

16.-18.03.2014 Africa Days 2014 in Berlin

The report on the BMBF conference "Africa Days 2014" with Horst Köhler as key note has been released....  » more

16.-18.03.2014 Africa-Days of BMBF

Approximately 700 experts from Germany and Africa discussed the further development of cooperation in...  » more

12.09.2013 TV - news on Trans-SEC: Part 2

The TBC1 launched in the news a short clip on the kick-off conference of Trans-SEC: Part 2.  » more

12.09.2013 TV - news on Trans-SEC: Part 1

The TBC1 launched in the news a short clip on the kick-off conference of Trans-SEC.  » more

07.06.2013 Initiative des BMBF

07.06.2013Initiative des BMBF: Brandenburgische Wissenschaftler leisten Beitrag zur Ernährungssicherung...  » more

22.10.2013 Press Africa-Day

The event on 21st of October aimed at presenting the ZALF expertise in the field of research in Sub-Saharan...  » more

05.09.2013 Press Daily News

The Daily News wrote an article on the Trans-SEC project.  » more

05.09.2013 Press AllAfrica

English article on the kick-off meeting of Trans-SEC in the journal AllAfrica.  » more

04.09.2013 Press Tanzania

The news in the Tanzanian Press about the Trans-SEC kick-off meeting in Morogoro.  » more

22.07.2013 Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften

The project Trans-SEC was presented at the Lange Nachte der Wissenschaften. The objective of the project...  » more