Products Description
Reports Reports such as policy briefs and fact sheets
Deliverables Scientific deliverables on the research tasks
Tools Tools and models developed to support analysis on food security
Scientific Publications Scientific peer-reviewed papers in international journals

Maps This page contains major research outcomes that are illustrated on maps, either on organizational overviews or on condensed research results. The maps are free for download under the restriction of a correct citation. If possible a short explanation of each method will be added below the each map.
Poster Here you find posters of conferences and other events related to Trans-SEC.
Presentations Here you find presentations of conferences and other events related to Trans-SEC.
Movies and Pictures Here you find movies and pictures related to Trans-SEC.
Master Theses Here you find master theses written with support of Trans-SEC members.
Fact Sheets Here you find a list of fact sheets describing upgrading strategies (UPS)
Policy Briefs Here you find a list of policy briefs.
Book Here you download the Trans-SEC book.