• World Café Trans-SEC, Tanania 2013

  • Tree planting Gliricidia, Tanzania 2015

  • FGD, Tanzania 2015

  • Plots in Dodoma, Tanzania 2014

  • Trans-Sec Konferenz, Deutschland 2017

  • Tractor ploughing, Tanzania 2018

  • Technical assistance, Tanzania 2015

Scientific papers

Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation: a tool for making farmer groups function better

Since the 1990s, community based organisations (CBOs) such as farmer groups have been at the forefront...
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Large-Scale Agricultural Investments and Smallholder Welfare: A Comparison of Wage Labor and Outgrower Channels in Tanzania

Publication by Raoul T.Herrmann: This article evaluates household welfare effects of large-scale agricultural...
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Developing community-based food security criteria in rural Tanzania

Publication by: Jana Schindler, Frieder Graef, Hannes König, Devotha Mchau Food security remains a...
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Fusion of indigenous knowledge and gamma ray spectrometry for soil mapping in a development context to support knowledge-based extension in Tanzania

Publication by: Nadja Reinhardt, Herrmann, L. Food shortages often threaten central Tanzania. Sustainable...
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Simulated willingness of farmers to adopt fertilizer micro-dosing and rainwater harvesting technologies in semi-arid and sub-humid farming systems in Tanzania

Publication by: Lutengano Mwinuka, Khamaldin Daud Mutabazi, Frieder Graef, Stefan Sieber, Jeremia Makindara,...
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Influence of Gender on Roles, Choices of Crop Types and Value Chain Upgrading Strategies in Semi-Arid and Sub-Humid Tanzania

Publication by: Tatu Said Mnimbo, Joyce Lyimo-Macha, Justin K. Urassa, Henry F. Mahoo, Siza D. Tumbo,...
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Factors influencing stunting among children in rural Tanzania: An agro-climatic zone perspective

Publication by: Hadijah A. Mbwana, Joyce Kinabo, Christine Lambert, Hans K. Biesalski This paper analyzed...
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Conflict Management Programs in Transdisciplinary Research Projects: The case of a Food Security Project in Tanzania

Publication by: Katharina Löhr, Christian Hochmuth, Stefan Sieber, Frieder Gräf, Jane Wambura The...
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Smallholders' Integration in Agricultural Value Chain Activities and Food Security: Evidence from Rural Tanzania

Publication by: Luitfred Kissoly, Anja Faße, Ulrike Grote The integration of smallholders into agricultural value...
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Expert-based ex-ante assessments of potential social, ecological, and economic impacts of upgrading strategies for improving food security in rural Tanzania using the ScalA-FS approach

Publication by: Frieder Graef, Götz Uckert, Jana Schindler, Hannes Jochen König, Hadijah A. Mbwana,...
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Implications of Climate-Smart Strategy Adoption by Farm Households for Food Security in Tanzania

Publication by: Kathleen Brüssow, Anja Faße, Ulrike Grote As the climate changes, farmers in developing countries...
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Demand for horticultural crops in Tanzania is growing dramatically

Publication of Ephraim Nkonya in 'Horticulture in Tanzania': Fruits and vegetables are rich sources...
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Increase without spatial extension: productivity in small-scale palm oil production in Africa—the case of Kigoma, Tanzania

The global demand for palm oil has increased sharply in the past and is expected to double over the coming...
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Adoption Potential of Conservation Agriculture Practices in Sub-Saharan Africa: Results from Five Case Studies

Despite the reported benefits of conservation agriculture (CA), its wider up-scaling in Sub-Saharan Africa...
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Farmers’ knowledge and perception of climatic risks and options for climate change adaptation: a case study from two Tanzanian villages

An in-depth understanding of the multiple layers of factors that shape farmers’ knowledge and perception...
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Assessing the determinants of poverty and vulnerability of smallholder farmers in a changing climate: the case of Morogoro region, Tanzania

This paper analyses the determinants of poverty and vulnerability of smallholder farmers in the rural...
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Can farmers’ adaptation to climate change be explained by socio-economic household-level variables?

A better understanding of processes that shape farmers’ adaptation to climate change is critical to...
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Local biofuel production for rural electrification potentially promotes development but threatens food security in Laela, Western Tanzania

The impacts of biofuel production and the adequacy of the associated production structures are controversial...
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Influence of livelihood resources on adaptive strategies to enhance climatic resilience of farm households in Morogoro, Tanzania: an indicator-based analysis

Given the projected climatic changes, building resilient agricultural systems is of vital significance...
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Combining analytical methods for assessing food security across the food value chain A conceptual integrated approach

Food security (FS) is a function of food availability, accessibility, stability and utilization. Food...
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